A Nurse is being investigated for allegedly taping the mouth of the patient

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The county doctor in Møre og Romsdal is investigating a nurse who taped the mouth of a mentally disabled patient. Reports NRK.

The nurse says it was all a joke, according to the channel.

The incident happened during a joint social event, and it was the nurse’s colleagues who notified.

The nurse allegedly first threatened a loud patient with tape. As the patient continued to be just as loud, the nurse retrieved a roll of tape from the security office and taped the patient’s mouth.

Both the municipality and the nurse are being investigated by the county doctor.

“The messages we have received so far indicate that this is very serious. This is a user who has a special need for care. We are now gathering information from health personnel before considering the whole matter,” says county doctor Karin Müller Mikalsen to NRK.

The nurse tells NRK that she has always had a good relationship with the patient and that it was all a joke.

She no longer works at the facility. The municipality is considering reporting the incident to the police.

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  1. If norwegian people keep the mobile phones away,and start communicating there will be less cases of suicidal in the country .

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