Aftenposten: ISIS-related Norwegian women are being deported from Syria

Al-Hol campPhoto: AP Photo / Baderkhan Ahmad, File

The Kurdish autonomous government authority in northeastern Syria has decided to deport Norwegian ISIS-related women, a spokesman told newspaper Aftenposten.

“We have decided to deport Norwegian citizens who we can’t prosecute due to lack of sufficient evidence that they have committed crimes in Syria,” a representative of the autonomous authority in Scandinavia, Shiyar Ali, told the newspaper.

On Wednesday, it became clear that the Swedish authorities had been informed of the decision. They have been informed that ISIS-suspected Swedish women would be deported during the autumn.

Earlier on Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed NTB that they had not received a message that Norwegian citizens would be deported from Syria.

Four Norwegian women

There are currently four Norwegian women with four Norwegian children in the Roj and Al-Hol detention camps in Syria. The children are between four and six years old. Two of them have recently asked the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance.

Aisha Shazadi Kausar, the 29-year-old who traveled to Syria in August 2014 and settled in an area controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS), is among the four women. She became the Islamist Bastian Vasquez’s second wife.

Recently, a 30-year-old woman who was brought home from Syria with her two children in January last year was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for her participation in ISIS. She appealed the verdict.

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