Anti-Islamization group holds demonstration in Hamar, 150 counter-protesters appear

Sian leader Lars ThorsenHamar.Sian leader Lars Thorsen.Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

The counter-demonstrators gathered at the barricades, pointed their fingers, and shouted slogans to drown out the “Stop the Islamisation of Norway” (SIAN) demonstration in Hamar on Saturday afternoon.

The demonstration began at 1:00 PM with an appeal by SIAN leader Lars Thorsen, who spoke about what the group calls the “problem of Islam.”

Thorsen also criticized the police for allowing disorderly conduct and “noise terror” from the side of the roughly 150 counter-protesters who showed up.

SIAN stands for “Stop the Islamisation of Norway.”

Barricades had been set up to keep SIAN activists and counter-demonstrators apart, and the police were on-site to monitor developments.

The counter-demonstrators shouted slogans, played drums and trumpets, shook the barricades, and sounded off whistles to block out the SIAN leader’s speech.

Three people were expelled from the scene due to disorderly conduct, according to the Innlandet Police District.

The demonstration ended around 3:00 PM without major disturbances.

When SIAN finally left, the counter-demonstrators sang “Victory is ours” (Seier’n er vår).

In recent weeks, there has been a flurry of noise and violence in connection with several of SIAN’s protests.

In Bergen, Thorsen was attacked by young people, while the police cracked down on the counter-protesters.

In Oslo, SIAN protester Fanny Bråten tore pages from a Koran and spat on them during a protest held outside the Norwegian parliament (Storting), and 29 protesters were arrested.

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