Approaching 30 degrees in the hottest places this Pentecost

Setesdal.SunValle.Setesdal.All regions are visited by the sun during Pentecost.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

The heat is rising. The sun is expected to visit all regions during Pentecost. The country’s finest weather day comes on Monday as Norway welcomes the summer months.

The weather would get increasingly more pleasant during this weekend and on Pentecost Monday. High pressure has established itself over southern Norway, and eventually, it would establish further east and provide fine weather throughout the country. There would be some rain in Finnmark and Troms, but on Monday, it would disappear completely.

“On Monday afternoon and evening, we may be so lucky that there is no rainfall anywhere in Norway. It’s not as often as we can say. It’s probably not cloudless in the entire country, but all regions get sun during Pentecost,” said state meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss.

The heat is rising
During the weekend, many places are expected to record the highest temperatures so far this year. Hence, there would be much to rejoice.  In Finnmark, it could warm up to 20 degrees on Monday. While in southern Norway it would be over 25 degrees in the Pentecost and maybe even warmer.

“Whether we reach the 30s in some places is uncertain, but it would be close, and it would not surprise me if that happens. There may be some clouds that can destroy, but if it is cloudless it will quickly become very hot,” said the meteorologist.

Cold May
The summer months are about to start, and the hot days of Pentecost are coming as expected.

“May has really been very cold in many places. It has been at a temperature far below normal. But we end May with heat and June will start hot,” said Gislefoss.

High temperatures and sunshine is expected continue in many places until Wednesday next week. But eventually it would bring in a slightly different type of weather in western Norway and northern Norway. In the south, the warmth would stay.

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