2019 was 1.2 degrees warmer than normal


Last year was the 20th warmest year since 1900 – with an average temperature 1.2 degrees above normal, according to the Meteorological Institute.

Not only was 2019 warmer than normal, it was also a wetter year. Overall, there was 15 percent more rainfall last year than normal, the annual report of the Institute of Meteorology shows on Tuesday.

The hottest year, so far is 2014 with 2.2 degrees above normal, while 2011 is recorded as the wettest year since 1900, with precipitation being 130 percent of normal.

1915 stands out at the opposite end of the scale, as the coldest and driest year since the measurements began. The average temperature was 1.7 degrees below normal, while the precipitation was at 75 percent of the normal amount of rainfall over a year.

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