Giæver with web series from space

Ole Giæver.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Award-winning director with a web series from space

After creating three award-winning and internationally acclaimed feature films, filmmaker Ole Giæver announces he is creating a web series from space.


The web series called “Clone” has received NOK 660,000 in development support from the Norwegian Film Institute through the New Road Support Scheme, and is described as “a humorous exploration of the existential identity crisis of two people and one clone.”

In 2041 a spacecraft is on its way back to earth with its couple Fredrik and Eve. But Fredrik discovers that he is infected with a foreign virus and will not be able to go home. He clones himself in the spacecraft’s 3D printer, which turns this into a threesome sort of drama.

– “A clearly defined and simple situational comedy with complex potential. The project takes both the situational comedy and the web series format seriously,” says NFI’s consultant Ståle Stein Berg.

Ole Giæver himself stands behind the script. Behind him, he has the feature films “Mountain” from 2011, “Towards Nature” from 2014 and last year’s “From the Balcony”. All three were selected for the prestigious Berlin Film Festival, and “Towards Nature” was also nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize.

In the last two films, Ole Giæver himself played the lead role, which he is to also in “Klone”. The production company More Film calls the upcoming web series a “unique project”.


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