Leaders of three major monotheistic religions receive “Bridge Builder” awards in Oslo

muslim world leagueAamir Javed Sheikh and Kjell Magne Bondevik during the conference on how to fight hatred and discrimination. The conference was organized by the Foundation Dialogue for Peace in collaboration with the Muslim World League. Photo: Tore Meek / NTB

The Bridge Builder Award 2021 has been awarded at the Opera House in Oslo. Demonstrations were expected when leaders of the three monotheistic religions received the award.

This year’s Bridge Builder Awards go to the World Council of Churches, represented by General Secretary Ioan Sauca, to Islamic leader Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, and to the founder and leader of the Religious Peace Initiative, Rabbi Michael Melchior.

“It has not been easy to help them meet. Many forces have worked to prevent this from happening, and I have heard that a demonstration is being planned. Therefore, it is great that they still, despite opposition among their own, choose to show up,” Aamir J. Sheikh, leader of the 14th August Committee, said to NTB ahead of the award ceremony.

The 14th August Committee is behind the Bridge Builder Awards, which this year received some criticism.

Sheikh noted that everyone has a responsibility to take responsibility for their own attitudes:

“Among other things, there is quite a lot of hatred that is spread among groups with religious affiliation. We believe that the leaders have a special and common responsibility to help ensure that such hatred is not spread, and that they show each other respect.

“They have a common denominator in that they pray to the same god and see themselves as children of Adam. Why then so much conflict and hatred?” he asked.

Source: ©️ NTB Scanpix / #NorwayTodayTravel

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