Bergen decides to prolong strict corona measures for one more week

Beate HusaPhoto: Marit Hommedal / NTB

The corona measures in Bergen will last until December 6, health councilor Beate Husa (KrF) said at a press conference on Monday.

“We have got off to a good start with beating down the second wave of infection, and it is gratifying, but we are not yet there,” Husa said, adding that she was impressed with the efforts of the people of Bergen.

But there is still a danger that the infection will rise quickly if the municipality reopens too early, Husa warned.

“We have a great understanding that both residents and businesses today are disappointed that no special softening (of measures) is done, but the infection rates are still high, and the measures have a clear effect on the spread of infection,” she added.

Reversing the trend

The infection pressure in Bergen is now in line with the outbreak in September. In the last 24 hours, 18 new corona-infected cases have been registered, five fewer than the average in the last week.

In comparison, for example, around 90 daily cases of infection were registered several days earlier in the month.

“Over the past three weeks, we have reversed a sharply rising growth in infection rates to a clear decline that we hope will continue just as clearly in the coming week,” Husa added.


She suggested that there may be some relief next week, adding that the City Council would make a decision before the weekend.

“If we manage to get a continued decline in the numbers, we will be able to apply some relief (to the measures). 

“At the same time, we must be prepared for the fact that we must have measures through the winter, but then hopefully not the most stringent measures,” she noted.

Bergen introduced relatively strict corona measures on November 5. 

Among other things, parties with more than five participants are prohibited. 

Furthermore, face masks are mandatory in public places where it is impossible to keep a distance of one meter.

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