Bergen: “Norwegian companies are forcing Poles to work despite quarantine”

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Poles in Bergen claim that many of them are being pressured to drop quarantine and work.

“Norwegian companies pressure Poles to work, and Polish workers steer clear of infection control measures to keep their jobs. 

“There are mistakes on both sides, both the Polish and the Norwegian,” Anna Najderek, leader of the Polish-Norwegian association for education and integration in Bergen, told newspaper Bergensavisen.

According to Najderek, Poles are threatened with losing their jobs if they do not come to work – despite the quarantine provisions. 

Therefore, some choose to go to work and break the regulations.

Unequal treatment

The Polish community has a group on Facebook where quarantine provisions and other things are discussed. 

The information about pressures on Poles emerged in the group. 

Among other things, there have been cases where Norwegian workers have been sent to quarantine after infection in the workplace, while their Polish colleagues were not.

City councilor for the elderly, health, and volunteering Beate Husa (KrF) emphasized in an email to the newspaper that all Bergen residents have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules that apply at all times. 

She also noted that she expects employers to be aware of their responsibilities.

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