Blue Monday for the Progress Party in poll

Njåstad municipality committeeHelge Njåstad, Committee Leader, Progress Party . Photo:

Blue Monday for the Progress Party in Opinion’s poll

the Progress Party drops 3.8 percentage points to only 10.8 per cent in a poll. the Liberals dwindle down to 2.4 per cent of Norwegian voter support.


“Although it is only the result of election day that counts, this indicates that we must mobilise. At the same time, the current negotiations have been characterised by a lot of focus on processes and games. I do not think this is ideal,” Parliamentary Deputy Leader of the Progress Party, Helge André Njåstad, tells FriFagbevegelse.

the Liberals’ decline of 2 percentage points to support from 2.4 per cent by the voters means that the party is far below the 4 per cent threshold.

The party barometer for January is compiled by Opinion on behalf of the newspaper news agency (ANB), Dagsavisen and LO Media.

Of the other parties that are in Government negotiations at Hadeland, the Conservatives have stable support from 22.9 per cent (-0.1 percentage points). the Christian Democrats experience a slight increase of 0.4 percentage points to 3.7 per cent voter support.

For the opposition, the survey shows 28.5 per cent for Labour (+1.3 percentage points from December), 12.6 per cent (+0.7) for the Centre Party, the Socialists has support from 7.9 per cent (+2.1 percentage points) ), the Greens end up at 3.2 per cent (-0.4) support, while Red reaches 5.5 per cent (+0.4).

Solid Red-Green majority

The provisional mandate division provides a solid red-green majority with 91 Parliamentary seats for Labour, the Socialists and the Centre Party. The four bourgeois parties that present a joint Government platform today end up with 66 seats. That constitutes a loss of 22 mandates in the Norwegian Parliament.

Red would end up with ten seats, while the Greens retain their single equalising mandate.

The poll was carried out in the period 8 – 14. January. 957 persons are asked who they would vote for if there was a general election tomorrow. The error margin of the poll is not stated.


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