Car parts found in the Jølster Lake

Jølstravatnet Jølster LakeA man is believed to have died after a several hundred-metre-long landslide that crossed county road 451 in Jølster municipality in Sogn og Fjordane on Tuesday. Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Car parts found by volunteers in the Jølster Lake

Volunteers found car parts during surface searches in the Jølster Lake (Jølstravatnet) on Saturday. About 60 volunteers participate in both searches.

“We have found various covers that can originate from car floor plates. We do not yet know if the parts belong to the car in question. The police must confirm that,” Emergency Response Leader for the search actions, Arve Dvergsdal, tells NTB at 7 pm on Saturday night.

The TV 2 news reported the finding in the Jølster Lake first.

The fire department in Jølster coordinates the volunteers in the search for the man, who in his fifties. He is reported missing after his car was taken by a landslide over county road 451 at Årnes in Jølster on Tuesday evening.

“We hope that we can find him,” Dvergsdal states.

He tells of great interest from the locals to participate in the search. Both on water and along the shoreline of the Jølster Lake.



Two searches of 4 hours duration

About 60 volunteers participated in each of the two search rounds on Saturday. The first search began with 23 boats at 8 am in the morning. In the second round, which started at 4 pm, 22 boats participated. Each of the searches lasted for about four hours.

“We’re following the same routine tomorrow. Many have said that they will partake tomorrow as well. It’s important to be on the water,” Dvergsdal explains.

He talks about good search conditions on Saturday, especially in the evening. Anything picked up from the water will be passed on to the police.

Police resume the organised search of the Jølster Lake on Monday. It will also be conducted underwater then.

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