Cheetah cubs become unleashed in Kristiansand Zoo

Cheetah cubsKristiansand Zoo.Cheetah cubs.Photo : Ole Martin Buene / Dyreparken / NTB scanpix

Four cheetah cubs took their first steps out of Kristiansand Zoo on Wednesday. Cheetah kids have been locked up for two months.

It was by recommendation from other Nordic zoos that cheetahs were kept inside for two months, writes Kristiansand Zoo in a statement. The reason is that cheetah cubs do not know their own limitations and therefore they can easily put themselves in danger.

– Therefore, we waited longer to be completely sure that this was going well. We have also secured trees and potential dangers both on land and in water, said zookeeper Olav Åsland.

Cheetahs weighing around five kilograms each and they have been very popular among visitors to the zoo this summer. The public has been able to see them through a window but now they have come out in the large outdoor area.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today