Cleaner air in Oslo

OsloOslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo’s air is cleaner than ever, approaching the statutory limit for air pollution, reported Dagsavisen newspaper.


The City Environment and Transport Agency’s Lan Marie Berg believes this shows that the green policy works.

‘’In 2017, Oslo’s air was significantly improved. This is due to the fact that more and more people travel collectively,use cycling and walking, and that we’ve seen a record growth in the use of electric cars. Those who pollute the air most, such as those with diesel cars, and older trucks, now have to pay more for this,” said Berg to Dagsavisen.

Additionally, in 2017, Oslo was helped by the weather being good for air.

“This is good news for all of us who live in the Oslo area, but that doesn’t mean we are on target. Air pollution is still so serious that in January 2017 we had to introduce a temporary diesel ban. Several measures are necessary’’, she emphasized.

“In the new action plan, we plan to electrify island boats, and Nesodden Ferries as quickly as possible, demand zero-emission vehicles and emissions-free construction operations when the municipality builds or buys goods and services.

Furthermore, it is more expensive to drive polluting trucks, and we are planning new support schemes specifically aimed at supply goods. The most important thing, however, is to continue to prioritize road users, and public transport’’, said Berg.

Norway’s Asthma and Allergy Association is happy about the development.

“The inhabitants of the city have made an effort together, and hopefully we can now avoid far more drastic measures in the future,” said Hogne Skogesal, an adviser in NAAF.


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  1. Magali Martucci | 24. February 2018 at 04:18 |

    Congrats! While Norsk Hydro causes a serious environmental disaster in Brazil!

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