Coronavirus infected soldiers in Afghanistan have been evacuated and are home

Norwegian and Afghan soldiersAta Khan Kwaja, Afghanistan.Norwegian and Afghan soldiers.Photo: Forsvaret/PRT Meymanah


The Norwegian soldiers who were reported infected with the Coronavirus in Afghanistan last week arrived in Norway this weekend.

– “I can confirm that personnel have been sent home,” says spokesperson Elisabeth Eikeland at the Armed Forces’ operational headquarters (FOH) to the Armed Forces forum.

FOH will still not comment on how many soldiers there are, or which department they belong to. There will be a rotation so that the gaps after the personnel sent home are filled. Two Danish soldiers with the Coronavirus have also been sent back to Denmark.

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  1. ALL Norwegian – and U.S. and Western generally – soldiers should be withdrawn from Afghanistan.

    Our servicepeople are surrounded on ALL sides now there – even China has a border with Afghanistan and has another base in Pakistan which is teaming up with it against India – by *hostiles*. The instant there is a major superpower confrontation – or war – our people will be easily captured, and our female personnel will be in far worse danger.

    We should (all) get our servicepeople out of there as soon as possible, and Trump has been trying to do – as he promised – since he took office.

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