The current warm weather in Norway is going away

People enjoying the sun, summer and swimming in Sørenga in Oslo on Thursday.People enjoying the sun, summer and swimming in Sørenga in Oslo on Thursday.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Large parts of the country for several days had lovely summer weather, but now it is becoming cooler again.

This week, people witnessed on several places in the country, that temperatures were of nearly 30 degrees many took the opportunity to jump into the sea. It may not be as enticing in the coming week.
– A slow change is happening from now, and it will be cooler. It will begin in the north where the wind will blow cold air on Friday, says Terje Alsvik Walløe, duty meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute at Blindern.

The nice weather will stays in Southern Norway on Friday, with the exception of a few local afternoon showers, and temperatures can reach up to almost 30 degrees at the warmest. On Saturday, the temperature will fall on the south of Stad.
– There is no precipitation and it is partially sunny, but it will be difficult to obtain temperatures that are much more than 20 degrees. It will not be too bad, but to enjoy the warm weather while you can is a good advice, says Walløe.
This trend continues throughout the week.

Might get snow
North of Stad, the temperatures are dropping on Friday. In Central Norway, it is particularly Trøndelag, which will notice that the northerly winds are blowing in, but it will be mostly dry weather throughout the weekend with hints of sun. Temperatures will remain at just under 15 degrees. This type of weather will continue to look beyond a week, and temperatures will be between 10 and 15 degrees.
Upheaval on Friday will make it so that cool air will blow from the northwest, which will bring showers to northern Norway and temperatures mostly below ten degrees.

– This is boring for people in the north, but it is not very untypical. Tromsø is perhaps only up 5-6 degrees at midday. In addition, a few hundred meters in altitude, there may be elements of snow precipitation in northern Norway, says Walløe.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today