The Customs have seized 1.2 ton fish fillets

Cod fillet Customs SeizureCod fillet. Photo:

The Customs have seized 1.2 ton fish fillets in Northern Norway

There have been seized a total of 1,229 kilos of fish fillets in Northern Norway by Customs so far this year. The seizures were made from six cars from Lithuania, Latvia and Germany.


– I have the impression that the season has strarted for real, says Department Head in Customs Region Northern Norway, Tom Olsen to Fiskeribladet.

In April, they have made three seizures totaling 909 kilo fish fillets. It is mostly cod. The biggest seizure this far was made on April 20th, when a Lithuanian was stopped at the border with 611 kilos in his van.

Four of the seizures were made in vehicles from Lithuania, one in a car from Latvia and one from Germany. The seizures were made at the border crossings Polmak, Utsjok and Kivilompolo.

Olsen says that last weekend they received concrete information that 1 metric ton of filet was loaded on a trailer that was heading to Eastern Europe.

– We know that it was loaded and driven from the fish station, but they did not approach any border crossing in Northern Norway, says Olsen.

According to the head of department, most people caught have been fishing at tourist fishing facilities, especially in Troms and Finnmark.

– Those who have been caught so far this year have all been at some fishing camp or other in Finnmark, he says.

In recent years, the customs in Northern Norway seized around five tons of fillets annually.

172 bottles of doping in the luggage

Airline passenger caught at Oslo airport with 172 bottles of doping in the luggage.

The bottles were uncovered when Customs officers scanned the luggage of a traveler (64) from Hong Kong on April 21st. They found a total of 172 bottles of “cough syrup” containing the active substances ephedrine and codeine which are doping agents. The customs seizure amounts to a total of 20 640 milliliters.

The luggage also contained 972 tablets of the prescription drug zopiclone. The seizure and suspect were handed over to the police at the National airport after the control.

Estonian caught at Ørje Customs Plaza with 100,000 cigarettes in his car

The Norwegian Customs at Ørje turned on the flashing lights and notified of a customs control in order to stop a Norwegian-registered passenger car on the evening of April 24th. The Estonian driver (25) said he was driving the car to a garage in Norway, a story which the customs officials did not believe in.

The control of the car led to the seizure of 100,000 cigarettes, which were found in six cardboard boxes. The Customs fee amounts to NOK 336,000.


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