Dark Room accused admits partial culpability

Bergen District Court. lecturer Harbour Master Sexual Abuse Dark RoomBergen District Court.Photo: wikipedia.org

Dark Room accused admits partial culpability in Bergen Court

A man from Bergen who was arrested in connection with police investigation of the so-called Dark Room cases, met in Bergen district court on Tuesday.


The man in the 30’s admitted partial culbability when the case began in court Tuesday morning, writes Bergens Tidende.

He was arrested by the police during the investigation of another case in the so-called Dark Room complex, and later prosecuted under sections 204, 311 and 266 of the Penal Code.

The first two are concerning the production, possession and distribution of child abuse material, while the latter is related to that he should have violated his spouse by pretending to be her and on several occasions having shared pictures of her.

Illegal chats

The accusation is based on logs stemming from illegal chats with at least 14 people between 2013 and 2016. In these, the police believe that the man has described how sexual abuse and maltreatment should be carried out towards their minor children.

The man supposedly admits tothe chats in question, but states that it was all fantasies and mind games and that he did not know it was punishable by law. In court, he also acknowledged that he had posed as a woman, according to the newspaper.

– It’s talk of a fictional person who was a woman and her children. The fiction was based on some of the characteristics of my ex-wife. I have never been part of the fiction myself. But it’s not okay what I’ve done, and I’m sorry, the man says in his statement.

He did not acknowledge culpability for the points regarding posssession of illegal images depicting abuse of children or sexualizing them or for the point of violation of his ex wife.


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