The South and East of Norway will get the best Easter weather

Easter weather is finest in the south and eastHannah K. Johansen (6 years) enjoying himself eating an orange on easter skiing in sunny Eggedal Mountains in Buskerud County. Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Southern and Eastern Norway gets the best Easter weather, while Central Norway gets the worst weather this Easter with lower temperatures and precipitation next week.
– The general trend is that you will get mainly nice weather in Southern and Eastern Norway, but the temperature is not as high as it was earlier this week,  meteorologist on duty Haakon Mjelstad at the Meteorological Department said.
He expects temperatures up to 10 degrees. There will be little precipitation, and the snow that has not already melted, will probably be “saved” by the night frost.
– In the mountains the temperatures will mostly be below zero, says Mjelstad.
Snow in the middle of the country
In Western Norway the Easter weather will be variable.
– There will be a northwesterly for most of the Easter, but this isn’t so bad compared to what they are accustomed to,  the meterologist says.
There   will be some rain in Sogn og Fjordane, but  less of it further south. Because of cool wind and clouds, the temperature is low, and will at most reach 6 to 8 degrees. The Mid-Norway region may expect rain most of the days. In Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag the precipitation is in the form of rain on the coast, but  slightly inland you will get snow instead, and the temperature will reach a maximum of 5 to 7 degrees.
– Central Norway seems to get the worst Easter weather this year, but even there the weater will not be horrible. It’s just lots of weather,  Mjelstad.
Meteorologist added that the Easter this year will be colder than what many are used to, but that this is primarily because  Easter comes early this year.
Some sunny days
Further north you get weather that is quite similar, with a northwesterly wind and showers most of the days. The Finmark plateau and eastern Finnmark remain somewhat sheltered, and because of this, the weather here is not as bad.
– Finnmark and Troms  will get temperatures below zero all the time, Nordland may get some plus degrees during the day, said Mjelstad.
The Easter weather  may bring a sunny day occasionally, but it’s hard to say when it will eventually come.  The meteorologist therefore concludes with some words of comfort:
– It is rarely bad weather for a whole week at a stretch!


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today