Electric scooter riders can have his driver’s license confiscated after driving on red

Electric scooterElectric scooter.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix


A person on an electric scooter must have driven on a red light when he was hit by a car in Oslo. The police are considering confiscating his driver’s license.


The news of the incident, which took place on Kristian Augusts gate, came in the early hours, 01:13 AM Sunday.

– The driver of a stand on electric scooter was hit by a car. The car was driving on a green light, while the electric scooter drove on a red light, the operations center states.

The person was checked by health personnel on site, and a trip to the emergency room was not necessary. The police have opened a case.

– “It will be considered in retrospect whether the stand on electric scooter driver will have his driver’s license confiscated or not,” the police say.

Also after a collision between a car and an electric scooter in Bjørvika in Oslo on Friday, it is being considered whether the electric scooter cyclist should have his driver’s license confiscated.

According to the police, the electric scooter driver drove straight onto the pedestrian crossing area while it was red and was hit by a car, which had a green light. The electric scooter driver was slightly injured.

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