Elvestuen at environmental meeting in Moscow

ElvestuenMinister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen (Liberal Party).Photo: venstre.no

Russian pollution that hit people in Finnmark was raised when Minister of the Environment, Ola Elvestuen of Venstre (V) met his Russian colleague in Moscow.

The meeting of the Norwegian-Russian Environment Commission took place on Tuesday. Natural Resources and Environment Minister, Dmitry Kobylkin, represented the Russian Government.

Pollution from the Nikel plant was one of the topics – as a number of times earlier in these meetings.

By January 25th this year there was so much sulfur dioxide in the air in Sør-Varanger that people were asked to stay inside.

‘’Emissions have declined, but they are still too high’’ said Elvestuen on telephone to NTB news.

Russian authorities have announced stricter requirements for the Nikel plant. Elvestuen has called for more information on what this specifically means.

At the meeting, Russian nuclear waste and a joint effort to combat plastic waste in the Barents Sea were also discussed.

The government has set aside NOK 5 million a year for three years for the cooperation on plastic.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today