Explosion and fire at the ammonia plant in Porsgrunn

YaraYara.Herøya i Porsgrunn Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

It burned at Yara’s ammonia factory in Porsgrunn in Telemark after an explosion inside the factory. There is no gas leakage, and neighbours are not evacuated.

The explosion occurred in a compressor inside the factory. Factory Director Per Knutsen at Yara says there is an oil fire in the compressor room, Varden writes. According to Herøya Industrial Park (HIP) it was still burning at 4.30 am.

The police Around 5 am reported that the fire is extinguished, but there are still sounds emitting from the area. Police, fire brigade and HIP’s industrial protection service are on site.

– The Local alarm has been activated, which means that only the current factory is affected. There are no gas leaks, Lene Rambekk in HIP’s industrial protection lab states in an email to NTB. She adds that they have gas meters on the spot.

No one injured

No person is injured in the event. The fire started after an accident at a power station earlier in the night, according to the police.

At 3.04 am the police reported that Rolheid Power Station was down and that this had led to problems at the industrial park.

– At this point, I can not say anything more about how this is connected, the Operations Manager in the South East Police District, told VG.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today