Far more will have their ashes scattered

ashes scatteredAshes scattered.Photo: (NTB-foto: Marit Hommedal

In total in 2016, 1,310 people in this country were granted the application to scatter their ashes when they die. That’s 32 percent more than in the previous year.

Vestfold is on top with 172 approved applications, an increase of 64, according to figures the newspaper Dagen has obtained.
On the next places follows Hordaland 122 (+ 26), Oslo and Akershus 116 (+46) and Telemark 103 (+43).
Only in Oppland and Møre og Romsdal is there a decrease, respectively nine and eight fewer approved applications. The biggest increase is in the counties.
101 approved applications in 2016 is 46 more than in 2015, ie almost a doubling.
– Cremation was long disputed among the religious. This is also reflected in the Bible Belt in terms of the cremations and ash scattering, says Ida Marie Høeg, professor of sociology of religion at the University of Agder.
First in 2012 the Synod adopted to allow ecclesiastical participation in the funerals with ashes spread. Before this the church was critical of the scheme, which was considered a Hindu form of burial.
It is the county governor who processes applications for dispersion. To apply, one must have reached 15 years. Survivors may receive authorization if there is evidence that this was the deceased’s wishes.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today