Five convicted of offenses against teen burglars


A female shopkeeper in Vanse Vest-Agder, with three men sentenced to between six and eight months in jail for threats, coercion and aggravated assault against two burglars.

In addition, a 51 year old man was sentenced to prison for six weeks for threats and coercion against the same two young burglars.

The shop owner, a 27 year old woman was pointed out by the district court as the initiator of violence against the two teens, wrote Fædrelandsvennen.

She had 10,000 NOK in cash and miscellaneous equipment stolen during the burglary, the two young men later confessed and have been sentenced for this.

In all, seven people were accused in the case. Two of them, a woman and a man, were acquitted, while five were found guilty of having participated in varying degrees.

The female owner was joined by five men and together committed said offenses against the teens with an iron rod and pistol.

– The violence of the gang was so rough that it borders on abuse, wrote Attorney Beate Rullestad-Jansen in the indictment.

The woman was sentenced to six months imprisonment for serious threats and coercion, but she was acquitted of aggravated assault.

To other men received six months for their violence and coercion, while one man must sit eight months in prison for gross violence or coercion.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today