Five policemen killed in Texas

Marchers protest against police shootings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota during a demonstration in Dallas, Texas, U.S. July 7, 2016.Photo BY REUTERS.

Texas police have started an intense manhunt for shooters after five policemen were killed by snipers during a demonstration in Dallas against police brutality.

Eleven police officers were hit by the shots on Thursday night, five of whom have died, two lie on the operating table and another three are critically injured. Also a civilian was injured by bullets.

Police said three people have been arrested, and that one has barricaded himself in a parking garage.

The shooting happened while hundreds of people marched down one of the city’s main streets in a protest demonstration against two African Americans were shot dead by US police in recent days.

Video images show that the demonstrators ran for their lives, while police took cover behind parked cars when the shots rained down from snipers who were on the roof of a parking garage along the street.

According to eyewitnesses, at least 20 shots were fired. Dallas’ police chief David Brown says it looks like the perpetrators were looking to hit as many police officers as possible.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today