The government wants to spread refugees across the country

refugeesMinister of Education and Integration Jan Tore Sanner (Conservative Party).Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

The government proposes that refugees no longer be settled in areas where many immigrants already live.


This is reflected in the Government’s proposal for a new integration strategy, which will be presented Monday, reports NRK.

From next year, the Ministry and the Minister for Integration will decide the criteria for settling refugees, not the Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMdi) and the National Committee for Settlement.

The main features of the proposal are that refugees should not be placed in areas with more than 30% immigrants, and the municipality’s ability to integrate should be given more weight.

“It is important that those who come to Norway and who will live here also become part of small and large communities; speak Norwegian and get out to work. Then it is not right to settle even more refugees in areas where there is a very large proportion of others,” said Jan Tore Sanner (H), Minister of Knowledge and Integration.

In Oslo, about one third of the inhabitants have immigrant backgrounds. Two thirds of this group are from countries in Africa and Asia. For Oslo’s part, the proposal will mean that refugees will be settled in districts where there are fewer immigrants today.


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  1. Joakim Haugen | 5. December 2018 at 14:58 |

    It is too late. More than 15% of Norways population is now non Norwegian. 50 years from now Akershus will be non Norwegian. This nation is finished

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