The government will amend the Penal Code to protect against discrimination

ParkveienParkveien, Norway's former residence of Prime Ministers, offered a wonderful backdrop for Wednesday's Oslo Pride event.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

The government will amend the Penal Code so that persons discriminated against will receive a criminal protection against discriminatory and hateful expressions.


‘’In a few days, the government will consult an investigation on criminal justice protection.We propose that gender, gender expressions and gender identity be included as new grounds for discrimination in the provisions of the Penal Code,”said Linda Hofstad Helleland of Høyre (H), Minister for Children and Equality.

She released the news that the government will include gender identity and gender expressions as a basis for discrimination in the Criminal Code when the government held its reception in connection with the opening of the Pride event.The ‘lhbtiq’ organizations have been waiting for a change in the Penal Code that gives people protection against discriminatory and hateful expressions.

More knowledge

“We are pleased that the government is following up the parliamentary decision and finally gives everyone exposed to hate crimes protection in the law,” said Ingvild Endestad from the Association for Gender and Sexual Diversity (FRI) to NTB news.

Helleland will also have more knowledge about living conditions and the life situation of people suffering discrimination in Norway, and will conduct a nationwide living conditions survey for lhbtiq people.

‘’This will provide us with updated knowledge about living conditions in Norway. Because it is only knowledge and understanding that gives us the basis for implementing the measures that work and which get results,’’ said the minister.

State framework

Oslo Pride is taking place this week and it is show, in the cityscape. On Wednesday afternoon,Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Høyre (H) opened the doors to the government’s representative residence in Parkveien for Oslo Pride and other organizations.

The prime minister was keen on applauding attitudes, many of which are being supported by gays. She pointed to the investigation that revealed that one in six men would move if they got close to a gay man.Approximately 20% are negative to gay men holding hands publicly.

“We can not feel like that, so we have a way to go about attitudes, including in this country,” said Solberg.


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