Grande on the noise in the Liberals: «Damn it!»

Trine Schei GrandeLeader of the Liberal Party, Trine Schei Grande. Photo: Venstre /Flickr

Grande on the turmoil in the Liberal party: «Damn it!»

The leader of the Norwegian Liberal party, Trine Skei Grande, thinks «Damn it!» about the turmoil in the party, and promises to reverse the negative trend. At the same time, party members flock to her support.

“I’ll admit to that I think «Damn it!». Nobody should be allowed to mess this up. We will have to turn this around, and I’m absolutely sure we’ll do so,” Grande spoke at the meeting of the Liberal Party on Saturday.

It has stormed around the leader this week, after several media reports about party members who want her to step down. The debate comes at the top of a series of bad opinion polls and internal struggles.

Grande says that the situation makes her both «sad and sorry» on behalf of all those who make an effort for the party.

“I will admit that the last few days have been difficult. Not for me, because as a leader you must endure this. What worries me is that the party should withstand this, that leaders are constantly faced with media coverage that is not about politics or ideology,” Grande comments in her speech.

A speech that she chose to end after a short time. This in order to provide more time to input from the members of the board on what it will take to improve the party.

Rejects leader debate

The criticism of the party leader has, among other issues, consisted of that she fails the districts – and that new brooms are needed at the top.

The turmoil has initiated speculation as to who is ready to take over after Grande. Member of Parliament, Abid Q. Raja, rejects that any leadership battle is taking place in the backrooms.

“There is no debate in the Liberals regarding that,” Raja denies from the pulpit.

He is one of those who has been mentioned as a possible candidate as the next leader of the party, but he made it clear that the job of «turning the ship» does not start with an «alternative leader».

“The job starts with Trine. We will do that job together until the election results come, and then we will stand together and rejoice: «Yes! We did it again»,” Raja continues.

Raja is going on a tour

From the pulpit, the profiled Liberal politician announces that he is going to embark on a comprehensive tour of the districts in order to “see, learn and understand” more.

“I also do this to understand why they succeed in the districts. I want to listen in order to highlight what is good, but also to adjust the course,” Raja elaborates.

Several of the speakers at the County Council meeting were keen to dismiss that the party is divided and that there is no debate whatsoever on the leadership.

“I have come to the understanding that there has been some turmoil in the media. That does not worry me, as I know that Trine is going to flip the bird at those who do not believe in her. This is going to end well,” Åsta Årøen, Hordaland, comments from the pulpit.

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