Great news: Number of unemployed in Norway fell by 3,800 last week

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On Tuesday, a total of 200,200 unemployed people were registered at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

That is 3,800 fewer than last week.

“The number of jobseekers registered with NAV has decreased in the last week. There are now 16,300 fewer job seekers than at the end of August, and it is especially the number of laid-off workers that has decreased,” NAV director Hans Christian Holte noted in a press release.

A total of 106,300 people are registered as completely unemployed with NAV, according to preliminary figures.

That constitutes 3.8% of the labor force in Norway.

The sum of those completely unemployed and jobseekers on support measures is 118,600.

A total of 81,600 people are also registered as partially unemployed.

NAV: 200,200 people registered as jobseekers

Thus, a total of 200,200 people are registered as jobseekers with NAV, 7.1% of the workforce.

Out of those who are registered as completely unemployed, 26,100 are laid off.

As for the partially unemployed, 41,800 are laid off.

In total, there were 8,600 fewer laid-off people on Tuesday compared with last week’s figures.

The number of partially laid off Norwegians has decreased in particular in the last week.

A total of 2.4% of the workforce has been laid off.

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