Illegal mid-summer fire can be expensive

St.HansSt.Hans evening in Drøbak: Gyda Nesje / NTB scanpix

Several thousand crowns may cost you if you fire a mid-summer fire without applying for permission. Keep kids and dogs away from the fire, the Fire Protection Association is in charge.

“Local regulations and conditions determine if you are allowed to ignite a mid-summer fire or not,” says Rolf Søtorp, Managing Director of the Norwegian Fire Protection Association.

 “Where the local statutes do not say anything about this, a general firefight bans apply between 15th of April till 15th of September.

 During this period, you must apply from your local fire department for a permit to ignite the fire. More about this is usually found on the municipality’s websites, says Søtorp.

 Both practices and fines vary somewhat among the country’s police districts.

 – Illegal and careless firefighting are usually fined by NOK 5,000 in our police district, says Lina Pettersen, police adviser in the Nordmøre and Romsdal police district.

 Norwegian Fire Protection Association asks people to watch kids and pets when the fire and grilles will light up – often there are powerful flames thrown long ways with the wind.

Do not immerse yourself in your eyes, be careful when turning on and having plenty of water nearby that you can use to turn off fire in case of emergency.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today