Infection outbreak in Oslo West is under control

Infection control physician Frode HagenOslo.Infection control physician Frode Hagen.Photo : Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Tracker of infection and researcher Petter Elstrøm at FHI says that the capital can be back at a green level in two weeks if there are no new outbreaks.

– “Now that the outbreak seems to be under control, Oslo can in two weeks, be back at a low level of infection again. The situation is therefore not so bad, although that is how it looks today. If we get any new outbreaks, the situation will be different,” says researcher Petter Elstrøm from the National Institute of Public Health to Aftenposten.

Four parties at the end of July, and beginning of August led to outbreaks in several of the districts on the western edge of Oslo. A total of 50 people have been confirmed infected. Twelve of them were infected by people who had been to these parties.

A total of 220 people were present at these parties. According to Elstrøm, these parties account for a significant proportion of infection cases in Oslo.

The chief infection control doctor in Oslo municipality, Frode Hagen, says there are now fewer positive tests in connection with the outbreak from the West side in recent days.

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