Islamists hijacked Facebook page of politician’s wife

Facebook illustrationFacebook illustration.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX .

Hackers with Islamist sympathies have taken control of the Facebook page of the wife of Frank Willy Djuvik, Head of the Progressive Party in Sogn og Fjordane.

Friday night Djuvik – on Facebook – tells that a group calling itself “Anonymous Islamic” has taken control of his wife’s Facebook profile, NRK reports.

– We have managed to get access back a few times, but after a few minutes they have taken control again.

They have shut us out of our account, and now they are trying to gain access to other apps and accounts she has saved, says Djuvik.

When he talks with NRK’s his wife’s account is completely gone. He says hackers have managed to gain access to his wife’s SMS where she receives safety codes and that they have changed the email address associated with her account so that messages about password changes goes to them.

The group describes itself as the Prophet Muhammad’s Army and that it aims to destroy Israel.

Djuvik perceive them as professional and wonder why they go after the account of a private person. Asked whether he believes the attack may be linked to his political work, he replied:

– I have not reflected upon that, but I do not think I’m a target for hackers. It’s probably a random choice.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today