Last year, 12,500 people moved to Norway through family immigration

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There were 400 fewer family immigrants to Norway in 2019, compared to 2018. 

In total, there were around 12,500 family immigrants to Norway last year, which accounted for a third of all immigrants to Norway, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

Indians constituted the largest group among immigrants who came to Norway because of family.

In 2019, 8,900 people came to Norway to be reunited with their family. 

There were around 400 fewer family immigrants than the year before and as many as 3,200 fewer than in 2017. 

Fewer refugees and labor immigrants

According to the SSB, that is due to the fact that fewer refugees and labor immigrants have come to the country in recent years. 

Furthermore, just over 3,000 people came to Norway to establish a family. That number remained stable compared to 2018.

In total, there have been 108,000 family establishments in the period 1990-2019, in excess of 46,000 for immigrants and 57,000 for people in the rest of the population, according to the SSB. 

In the rest of the population, most family establishments included people from Thailand, the Philippines, Russia, the USA, and Brazil. 

From the first three countries, primarily immigrant women came to Norway to start a family with men without an immigrant background.

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