Norway to build new toilets, picnic areas, and cafes along many tourist roads

CamperPhoto: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

Roads and routes such as Valdresflye, Aurlandsfjellet, and Helgelandskysten will be made even more attractive for Norwegian and foreign tourists.

In May, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration presented its guidelines on 18 new facilities that will be built up to 2023. 

A total of 46 facilities will be built along tourist roads, according to the National Transport Plan. 

Supplier conferences with contractors were held in June to determine who will take care of the construction.

The facilities are part of the project of developing 18 new National Tourist Roads, that will represent the best in terms of driving experiences through Norwegian nature. 

Project to be completed by 2023

The goal is to tempt car tourists both at home and abroad to use Norway as a holiday destination.

The entire National Tourist Roads project will be completed in 2023.

The routes that were announced to get new facilities in May are Valdresflye, Jæren, Ryfylke, Hardangervidda, Hardanger, Aurlandsfjellet, Gaularfjellet, Sognefjellsvegen, Helgelandskysten, Lofoten, and Varanger.

The announcement stated that various sections would receive new or improved café buildings, parking, toilets, vantage points, hiking trails, picnic areas, service buildings, and commercial buildings.

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