Localisation attempt in the Tamok Valley

Red Cross Avalanche Tamok Valleyvalanche training, Photo: Bjørn Sodeland / Røde Kors Hjelpekorps

Renewed localisation attempt in the Tamok Valley

The weather conditions in the Tamok Valley in Troms are so good that a helicopter on Sunday once again will attempt to locate the four top tourists who are believed to have perished in an avalanche.


“Searches are being carried out using RECCO today. This to try to obtain more accurate positioning of the markings we already possess. An avalanche hazard assessment will also be carried out with the assistance of personnel from NGI and the Norwegian Armed Forces,” the Troms Police District announces.

“Plans for the handling of avalanche risk and securing the avalanche area will also be drawn up,” the police continues.

The police have previously stated that work on securing and retrieving the four skiers will not be possible until Monday.

Three Phases

Finnish tourists Mikael Sten (29), Niklas Nyman (36), André Stenfors (32) and the Swede, Disa Bäckström (29), are believed to have perished in the avalanche, which occurred on Wednesday, January 2nd. They were on a top trip to Blåbærfjellet (Blueberry Mountain) and were last observed around 2 pm. After a few hours, a fifth person in the hiking party became worried and notified the police.

Due to the weather conditions, no operational measures have been carried out at the mountain since Wednesday, January 9th.

The further work is planned in three phases: Localisation and positioning of the missing persons, securing the avalanche area and retrieving the deceased. The excavation is planned to be done manually.

“The latter is the riskiest part of the operation, and we will, therefore, continuously make safety assessments. Crews must be inserted into the avalanche area by helicopter, and they must also be able to be picked up by one,” the police explains.

Ask skiers to report themselves

In addition to the work of extracting the presumed fatalities, the police want to contact a man and a woman – both Finnish nationals – who have been on a trip on Blåbærfjellet the same day as the four skiers were buried in the avalanche.

Based on police information, the two are about 25–35 years old. Both were observed skiing in the area. The police have asked them to make contact to clarify whether they have any observations, or were in contact with the group that is missing, presumed dead in the avalanche.

After what NTB has been informed by the police in Troms, some tips have come in, but it is not known whether they have led anywhere.

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