A night of knife-stabbings in Norway

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A Saturday night of knife-stabbings in Norway

There has been a handful of knife-stabbings in Norway during the night across the country. That has been reported, that is. Other than that, it seems to have been a rather quiet night on the western front.


A man knife-stabbed repeatedly by a female peer in Alta

A man in his twenties was knife-stabbed several times by a woman of the same age at a private address in Alta. The incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday. 

The emergency services were notified of the incident at 4.55 am.

“The police performed life-saving first aid on the spot in an attempt to halt the bleeding before health personnel arrived,” Operations Manager in the Finnmark Police District, Svein Erik Jacobsen, tells NTB at 5.50 am.

The police have control over the knife that they believe was used.

It was initially stated that the man was stabbed several times, including in the upper body. Later it turned out that he was stabbed in an arm only. He, therefore, emerged from the knife attack with no serious injuries.

“He is treated by the health services and is now with the police for questioning. Police are also questioning witnesses who were present during the incident,” Operations Manager Eirik Pedersen in Finnmark Police District updates.

Known to the police

A woman in her twenties is suspected to be the culprit.

According to Jacobsen, she has “a name with the police” and the word “repeatedly” is used in that context, among other incidents, in connection with violent acts.

The injured is also “both here and there in the police registers”, according to the Operations Manager.

He does not know the relationship between the two.

It is currently uncertain what the case will be investigated as.

One person in a state of shock

The incident occurred in a private residence in Alta.

There were a total of six persons present at the address when the stabbings occurred. The suspect, along with four others, are brought in by the police as witnesses.

“Depending on their condition, we will try to get an overview of the issue as soon as possible,” Jacobsen informs.

The witnesses are affected by the case.

“A person in the group is very affected by the situation and is described as being in a state of shock. The person in question will receive assistance from the health service, ” Jacobsen concludes.

A man knife-stabbed by his brother in Numedal

A man in his twenties was knife-stabbed in an arm by his peer brother at a private address in Numedal in Buskerud early on Sunday. The injured brother is treated at the local hospital.

Operations Manager in the Southeastern Police District, André Kråkenes, tells NTB at 5.15 am.

“The offending brother supposedly stabbed the other straight through an arm,” the Operations Manager informs.

The injured was up and about when the emergency services arrived. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.

The police can tell that the victim’s brother is apprehended and arrested. He will be questioned either on Sunday or Monday. Both of the involved are in the mid-twenties.

The police were notified of the incident shortly after 1.00 am on Sunday.

“It was the injured brother who notified the police. He called in and told that there has been a quarrel and that a knife had been used, ” the Operations Manager rounds off.

The incident took place in the brothers’ home. There was nobody else present.

Knife-stabbed in a possible attempted robbery

A man was knife-stabbed in an arm in the night before Sunday during what the police suspect may have been a robbery attempt in the Centre of Kongsberg. The perpetrator is still at large.

“The offended and a buddy was pub-crawling in the town centre when an unknown person came up to them and asked for a fag. The petition was dismissed by the victim,” Operations Manager in the Southeastern Police District, André Kråkenes, tells NTB at 2.40 am.

The perpetrator then brought out a small knife and stabbed the victim in an arm.

The offended person, a man at the beginning of his twenties, has an open wound after the incident and is treated at the emergency room. His arm is stitched up.

It was the victim, in person, who notified a passing police patrol at 1.50 am.

The injured person appears to be a random victim, according to Kråkenes. The police suspect it may very well be a case of attempted robbery.

“It is natural to assume that, but we keep all possibilities open. It is not common to stab a person just because they can’t, or won’t, donate a fag,” the Operations Manager tells NTB at 2.40 am.

The police do not have a good description of the perpetrator, except that it is regarding a man wearing dark clothes.

At 5.15 am, the perpetrator is still at large. The local Department of Investigation will handle the case henceforth.

Injured when he tried to intervene in a brawl

A man in his thirties was injured and treated night before Sunday by health professionals after he tried to intervene in a brawl in the centre of Skien. The extent of injuries is unknown.

“The man was first treated on the spot before he was transported by ambulance to either the emergency room or hospital,” informs Operations Manager in the Southeastern Police District, André Kråkenes, tells NTB at 5.10 am.

According to a witness, there was an unwieldy incident, that initiated inside a pub. Something happened outdoors as well. It may seem that the injured attempted to go between others who were fighting and subsequently was hit on his head, the Operations Manager states.

The victim supposedly bled from his head. His state is unknown, but he was conscious when the emergency services arrived.

The police received notification of the incident at 2.42 am. They do not know who the perpetrator is. The case will be further investigated.

Fire in appartment building in Oslo extinguished

The fire service has extinguished a fire in an apartment building on Grønnland in Oslo the night before Sunday. No personal injuries have been reported.

The 110 Emergency Exchange in Oslo Tweets around 4.00 am.

The police received notification of the fire in Urtegata at 1.41 am. The announcement that the fire service was in control of the fire, followed at 2.23 am.

There was an apartment on the top floor that was on fire. There were flames emitting from the balcony when the emergency services were notified. The residents of the apartment building escaped under their own steam.

A total of 20 persons from the residences were evacuated and found alternative housing.

Neighbouring buildings were not evacuated as a result of the fire, but smoke from the apartment resulted in the evacuation of the Comfort Hotel Grand Central. Emergency services moved out to the hotel at 2.47 am following a report of smoke, which turned out to be just smoke entering the hotel’s ventilation system.

The fire in Urtegata is being investigated by the police.

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