Loveleen Brenna criticizes the information given to minorities

Loveleen Rihel BrennaOslo.Loveleen Rihel Brenna.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Community commentator Loveleen Brenna believes that the authorities do not get across to our immigrants and many other groups the Corona infection risks, symptoms and restrictions.

Brenna tells Vårt Land that she sees the Corona crisis through the eyes of her Indian parents, both of whom are in the high-risk group because of age and illness. She will call before and after the authorities have given the daily press conferences, so she can explain to them what they don’t understand.

Brenna says many don’t have anyone who can explain this to them, and is very critical of how the authorities have delivered information about the Corona epidemic to the immigrant community in Norway: Foreign words and bureaucratic language is used, and they refer to bodies and institutions that many do not know, she believes.

Another point is that many in this part of the population are at risk of underlying diseases, and many have no opportunity to work from home.

– I feel we have failed them during this crisis.

– Politicians managed during last election campaign to reach immigrant groups through films and alternative ways of communicating – why are they not doing this now, Brenna asks.

There is no crisis preparedness for the entire population.

Brenna mentions several groups most at risk of information failure: Children and young people, immigrants who are not fluent in Norwegian, older immigrants, newly arrived refugees, those who drop out of High school, people who receive Nav help at an early age, addicts and the mentally ill.

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