Tromsø introduces quarantine order for Norwegian travellers

TromsoTromsø.Photo: Pixabay

In order to limit the number of infections in Tromsø municipality, the municipal doctor has introduced a quarantine order for travellers from other areas in the country.

“This evening, Tromsø municipality introduced a quarantine order for travellers from several municipalities and counties. This applies to Oslo, Agder, Rogaland, Viken, Vestfold and Telemark, Inland and Vestland,” the municipality said in a press release on Saturday evening.

Local councilor Kathrine Kristoffersen wrote that the municipalities in question are those in Norway that have the most widespread infection and that it is therefore necessary to implement quarantine for travellers from these areas.

The decision applies retroactively until March 10, the municipality added in an update night to Sunday.

The municipal superior also asked everyone who lives in Tromsø to consider the necessity of their own trips out of the municipality in the next few weeks.

“We also have a special responsibility to protect the University Hospital of Northern Norway from widespread infection that can challenge capacity. This is a drastic and serious measure, which requires careful consideration. The assessment is that the measure is necessary and will save lives,” explained Kristoffersen.

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  1. Where is battleship Tirpitz, when you need it? 🙂

    (I have Tirpitz in my free/educational print-and-play boardgame Murmansk Run, of course.)

    Good to see decisive action being taken throughout Norway, but EVERYONE should be wearing even homemade, makeshift MASKS so even the many people who do not yet know they have the virus – it incubates and is contagious up to 14 days – don’t spread it. This is one reason China has brought it under control.

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