Many Norwegians are frustrated with increased expenses, and the Police Security Service is concerned 

Hedvig Moe ØrenPhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

Many Norwegians feel frustrated due to things getting more expensive. Incitement to violence is spreading online, making the Police Security Service (PST) a little extra vigilant.

In online forums, the threshold among some people for calling authorities and politicians “traitors,” “liars,” and “thugs” is low when electricity and fuel prices are discussed. Some urge to take action, TV 2 reports.

“We see a lot of hatred and incitement to violence against government officials and authorities in general,” violence researcher Cathrine Thorleifsson told the channel.

The increasing aggressiveness makes the Police Security Service (PST) extra vigilant. Acts of violence, and in the worst case, a terrorist situation, need to be avoided.

“When we see that societal changes lead to dissatisfaction in the population, we are concerned as it can lead to strong dissatisfaction among some. This, in turn, can be a trigger for someone who is already in a vulnerable situation to actually commit, for example, terrorism,” deputy head of PST, Hedvig Moe, told the channel.

PST is now asking everyone to be extra vigilant.

“If you are concerned about someone becoming radicalized, then you can contact us,” Moe added.

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1 Comment on "Many Norwegians are frustrated with increased expenses, and the Police Security Service is concerned "

  1. As an American, I am bemused by this. There has of course been political violence and have been hysterical speculations about “civil war” in the States, but every 2 years we get to have our civil war and/or revolution in November.
    This year, it’s 8Nov22, the American people are fed up with Biden’s “woke ideology,” utter diplomatic disaster epitomized by him decisively opposing a fair peace treaty and the resulting Ukraine War and economic chaos – he’s of course trying to call it “Putin’s War,” but Americans are indeed waking up to the facts – and his and his media friends’ attempts to capitalize on Trump’s Jan.6 beer hall – aka Capitol – putsch. (And yes, Trump should do time for that, but *what about* even worse political crimes from other sides the past 21 years?)
    So 8Nov22 is going to be an absolute political BLOODBATH … figuratively speaking, PST B-) … which I myself look forward to with *relish*.
    “THROW THE BUMS OUT!” is an actually quite patriotic and historical American saying. And then we (more or maybe less, these days) settle back down to trying to work things out for 2 more years, with our longer tenured senators to keep things in overall perspective.

    That said, Europeans’ contrasting political insecurity seems due to your parliamentary coalitions which can become quite unstable in times of (war inflation) stress like this. 5 year terms make parliaments senates which seem less directly sensitive and responsive to the people which can indeed create frustration.
    Nonetheless, Norway has seemed extremely stable to this American, but it has opened the doors to some very de-stabilizing groups quite capable of political and other violence, as we jarringly see far worse in next door in Sweden.
    Importing crime wars or other wars is quite unwise.
    So thank you for your vigilance, PST.

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