Meteorologists: Southern Norway is getting a special present – a sunny Christmas

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Will Norway get a white Christmas? Yes, in the mountains, and a little in the north and the northwest. However, in the lowlands of Southern Norway, meteorologists promise sunny weather on Christmas.

“Our gift is probably not a white Christmas, but just this year, maybe the sun is appreciated more than snow? And it will be sunny – from today,” the meteorologists posted in a tweet.

Clear skies also mean low temperatures, so there may be some hoarfrost on the trees.

A few random searches on point to sunny weather on Kongsberg, in Drøbak, in Bergen, and in Stavanger on Christmas Eve. 

Mountain passes

Both before and after Christmas Eve, the weather looks wetter and grayer.

The mountain passes in the south will experience snowstorms and wind on Tuesday, but the conditions will improve again well before Christmas. 

On the other hand, in Nordfjord and Møre og Romsdal, people can expect a good deal of snow, especially in the mountains. 

“In parts of both Trøndelag, Helgeland, as well as Møre og Romsdal, we expect snow to fall on Christmas Eve,” the meteorologists noted.

So at least Christmas will be white there. 

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