Microsoft scammers are gaining of much larger amount to themselves

Microsoft scammersOslo.Microsoft scammers.Photo : Fredrik Varfjell / Scanpix

Norwegian Centre for Information security warns an explosive increase in online fraud and swindlers luring of a lot more than before.
Microsoft scam is that you receive a call from a Microsoft engineer who will pretend on helping you with a problem on your PC while the scammer uses the information provided to steal money from your bank account.

– Last year there was around NOK 3,000 per event, this year the cost is NOK 50,000 per case, said Roger Johnsen, director of the Norwegian Center for Information security (NorSIS), to NRK news.

Fraud is an example of so-called phishing which according to a report from the FSA it is six doubled in size to over three million in the past year. Also fraud or shopping online has doubled since 2013 to 188 million.

Also Johnsen and NorSIS see the same tendency without being able to give specific figures on the scale.

– To give an impression: we sit and handles inquiries from businesses and residents every day, he said to the national channel.
Økokrim left a warning on its website that asked Norwegians to be aware of online fraud which is linked to descriptions of the most common scams.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today