More female bears and cubs compared to ten years ago

Brown bear BearsBrown bears.Photo:

The brown bear population is now more stable since being on the Red List of endangered species in Norway.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomics (Nibio) website, there is a positive development for the species.

In 2018, more female bears and bear cubs were registered in Norway compared to ten years ago.

“The 2018 samples provided information on 138 different bears; 63 female bears and 75 male bears. There are 13 more bears than in 2017, and no more female bears have been registered since we started the nationwide monitoring in 2009,” said Ida Fløystad, Chief Engineer at Nibio.

Since 2009, researchers have been analysing bear scat and hair samples from various locations around the country. Through the analyses, Nibio receives the necessary information about the species in Norwegian forests.

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