New heat record possible in the south of Norway in September

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August was a dry month in large parts of the country. The beginning of September will not bring about big changes. It will still be dry and hot in the south and wet in the north.

“The beginning of September will be largely the same as August, with precipitation in the same places,” on-duty meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes at the Meteorological Institute told NTB.

For the country as a whole, there was 35% less precipitation than normal in August. Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal were exceptions – with 50 to 100% more precipitation than normal.

Even though August has now become September, the start of the new month will not offer big surprises in terms of weather.

“Towards the weekend, not much will happen, really. It is much the same as it has been in recent days. We still have a low-pressure area that is partly over Southern Norway and a low-pressure area in the north,” Moxnes said.

Up to 25 degrees

Thus, several dry days are expected in Western and Southern Norway, and the warmest day before the weekend will likely be Thursday.

“It could be up to 25 degrees in Telemark and along the Agder coast, and then we will be close to September records,” the state meteorologist noted.

“Then it will probably be a little colder on Friday, but it will still be dry in those areas towards the weekend.”

In Møre og Romsdal, Trøndelag, and further north, however, it looks like there will be precipitation. According to Moxnes, Trøndelag and Helgeland will get the most precipitation in that area in the coming days.

Danger of snow

According to the meteorologist, there will be a good deal of showers and gradually falling temperatures in the north of Norway.

On Twitter, the meteorologists wrote that snow showers are expected over 200-500 meters above sea level in North Troms and the Coastal and Fjord areas in Western Finnmark from Friday.

“There is also a danger of night frost, which can cause difficult driving conditions,” meteorologists warned.

“Over the weekend, the weather will gradually get better, but probably temporarily. It looks like the precipitation will be back already next week,” the meteorologist added.

Regional differences

The weather after the weekend is uncertain, but the latest forecasts indicate that there will be little precipitation in the south. It also seems that the cold weather is temporary and that it will be up to 20 degrees in several places throughout the week.

But Moxnes emphasizes that the forecasts are uncertain.

But the fact remains that the weather is quite different in the north and south. In some places in Southern Norway, the danger of forest fires is at a yellow level, while in the north, there is a danger of snow.

“Norway is an elongated country, so there are big differences. It is not uncommon due to the size of the country. It is rare that the low pressures and high pressures cover the whole country,” the meteorologist explained.

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  1. And the forest fire danger is already Yellow with no rain in sight.

    The kommunes should be helping residents cut and take away all the brush possible, or we could have a situation like in the American West.

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