New statistics: The traffic in Norway is the safest in Europe

New statistics: Traffic in Norway safest in Europe E18Traffic in Norway.Photo Norway Today Media

Norway is the safest country in Europe to drive, with less than half of the EU average of fatalities per million inhabitants, according to new statistics.
Norway got the first place in the statistics after last year’s strong decrease in road deaths,  the newspaper VG writes.  Bulgaria and Romania, which both have 95 fatalities per million inhabitants, are at the bottom of the statistics.
Over the past five years, Norway has halved the number of fatalities, from 208 to 118, which amounts to a reduction from 42 to 23 fatalities per million inhabitants. In those five years Sweden has had a reduction from 28 to 27 fatalities per million inhabitants.
Although the death toll is decreasing in the EU and totaled 23,000 in 2015 – a decrease of 5,500 from 2010 – it is far from enough for the European Commission. It has calculated the cost of all the traffic accidents last year to 100 billion euros, the newspaper said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today