New study: Those infected with corona are immune for at least eight months

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A new study suggests that people who have been infected with the coronavirus may be immune to the virus for at least eight months.

The study has been published in the renowned scientific journal Science.

Among other things, the researchers examined the amount of antibodies after six months. 

They have also examined the amount of so-called B cells in the immune system that remember the virus and which can produce new antibodies faster and in greater amounts when the body is exposed to the coronavirus again. 

They also looked at the amount of corona-specific T cells.

Eight months or more

The conclusion is that the broad and long-lasting reaction in the immune system indicates that those infected could be immune for at least eight months and possibly longer.

Because there have been some cases where people have been infected twice, it is important that those who have recovered from the coronavirus still comply with the infection measures, professor of infectious immunology Trine Mogensen at Aarhus University told the Danish website

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