Norway eases corona measures – EEA citizens can again visit family in Norway

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Citizens of the EEA who want to visit family in Norway will no longer be denied entry. But they will still have to quarantine.

EEA citizens who own real estate in Norway, including a holiday home, are also allowed to visit the country, writes VG.

Justice Minister Monica Mæland (Høyre) informs the newspaper that the Ministry is constantly striving to find the right balance between considerations of infection control and other important social factors. When the contagion situation allows, they will ease the rules on border crossing.

“That is why I am pleased to say that today we have decided that more EEA citizens who could normally enter Norway can now travel here again. This means that more family members of EEA citizens, and EEA citizens who are family members of Norwegian citizens, can now travel to Norway,” she writes in an email.

The easing of the measures also applies to EEA citizens who visit young children, spouses or cohabitants, or the spouse’s or cohabitant’s young children in Norway, as well as minor EEA citizens who visit parents in Norway.

Mæland emphasizes that the quarantine rules still apply, and that anyone entering Norway must adhere to the applicable quarantine rules at all times.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the regulations will take effect immediately.

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