SAS and Norwegian passengers must use face masks

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

From May 18, all passengers on SAS and Norwegian Air must use face masks on flights. Passengers must bring their own face masks.

SAS has pointed out that the aviation industry will to a large extent be affected by the travel restrictions in the future but the company is prepared for more to fly again. It is now introducing mandatory face masks til September for all passengers older than 6 years up. 

According to the airline’s press release, loose items such as blankets, pillows, trays and reading material will be removed from seats. New boarding routines will be introduced and food will no longer be served on board, it added.

New cleaning routines for the planes will also be introduced. Hand luggage is limited to one per passenger.

Bring your own face mask 
SAS further encourages passengers to have good hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection. It states that travelers should make sure that they familiarize themselves with travel advice and restrictions.

SAS press officer John Eckhoff told NTB that a face mask is something passengers must have on flights. 

“We recommend that this be arranged before the trip, he said.

SAS also asks travellers to make sure they have enough face masks or face coverings for the entire trip.

New EU requirements
Norwegian Air will also introduce mandatory use of face masks from next week. The travellers are asked to keep their mouths covered during the entire flight.

The new guidelines come after the Reuters news agency reported that the European Commission recommended mandating face masks but the center seats of the aircraft need not be empty. Several airlines, such as Ryanair and Finnair, have already announced that they will follow the measures.

Norwegian asks for equal treatment
It is crucial that the anti-infection rules in Europe are harmonized so that all airlines can adhere to the same regulations, Norwegian believes. 

“It cannot be the case that some countries recommend blocking middle seats, others do not,”said press officer Andreas Hjørnholm.

Norwegian believes it cannot be that foreign airlines are allowed to fly with full capacity to and from Norway, while Norwegian airlines are forced to have one third of the seats vacant.

“It’s not sustainable commercially,”said Hjørnholm.

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