200,000 students offered additional loans this week

StudentsStudents.Photo: Pixabay

During the week, more than 200,000 students will be offered an additional loan of 26,000 kroner, which will go to those who have lost income due to the corona crisis.

To get the money, students must be able to document that they have lost income due to the corona crisis.

“This money ensures that many students who are in a difficult financial situation get more money to play with,” says Higher Education Minister Henrik Asheim (Høyre).

The students will receive an email, which will be sent out in groups over several days, from Lånekassen. Those who are entitled to it will be able to log in to apply for the additional loan, where 8,000 kroner will be converted into scholarships.

Those who have received an email can apply. The application forms a self-declaration confirming the decrease in income between March 1 and June 15, 2020, due to the corona outbreak. The money will be paid out within a few days.

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