Norway joins EU Navalny-sanctions against Russia

Alexei NavalnyPhoto: Navalny instagram via AP

On Wednesday night, EU foreign ministers supported a proposal to impose sanctions on Russia. On Thursday morning, Norway endorsed the proposal.

EU countries have decided to impose sanctions on six Russians due to the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, EU diplomats said on Tuesday night.

On Thursday morning, Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that Norway agrees with the sanctions.

According to the news agency DPA, the decision was made during a meeting with EU ambassadors in Brussels after EU foreign ministers agreed to impose new sanctions on Russia on Monday.

France and Germany presented the sanction proposal. 

Several laboratories have determined that Navalny was poisoned with the neurotoxin novitsjok, which the two countries believe could not have happened without the Russian authorities being involved.

The six Russians will be denied entry to the EU, while assets ​​they might have placed in the EU will be frozen. 

The plan is for the sanctions to take effect within a few days.

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1 Comment on "Norway joins EU Navalny-sanctions against Russia"

  1. No, novichok can be created in any chemistry lab anywhere in the world … if the lab wants to risk its workers dying. For example, the novichok “discovered” on Skripal’s door handle in Salisbury was NOT found to be Russian by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), despite then-Foreign-Secretary Boris Johnson’s false claim that it was.

    Then, the British/May government said a sample it claimed to find in the Russian GRU intelligence agents hotel room *was* the Russian strain … which British intelligence could have gotten its hands on and then planted in the hotel room. And where is any closed circuit TV security camera video of *anyone* putting novichok on Skripal’s door handle?

    “Several laboratories have determined that Navalny was poisoned with the neurotoxin novitsjok, which the two countries believe could not have happened without the Russian authorities being involved.”

    “which the two countries believe could not have happened”

    “believe” So no *proof*.

    And again: motive. After the Khabarovsk demonstrations in the Far East, the Kremlin must indeed fear political activists *within Russia*, and Navalny was the foremost activist, so there is motive. However, poisoning him would imperil less-Russophobe Trump’s re-election and more gravely imperil Nord Stream 2, and Western intelligence agencies were capable of doing this too, so I think that the chances of the Kremlin being behind this are less than 50%.

    And meanwhile, there is the cyber attack on Norway’s Parliament, which also seems illogical and at last report has not been verified by PST to be the Russians.

    If these Western accusations are false, they are extremely serious: they can qualify as acts of war.

    And, again, I am no fan of Russia, after its Pacific Fleet’s treaty-breaking, threatening harassment of Alaska – The Deadliest Catch – fishermen in our American half of the Bering Sea.

    Meanwhile, Ukraine and Turkey are signing a military pact … with Russia obviously in mind, especially with the Turks’ support of Azerbaijan’s attack on the ethnic Armenian( Christian)s in Nagorno-Karabakh. And if “liberal interventionists” Harris&Biden win Election 2020, they will want Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia’s other buffer states to become full NATO members, threatening “interventionist” NATO openly all the way up to Kharkov at the Russians’ throats.

    And meanwhile, Iran has shot down 2 Azerbaijan helicopters and some Israel-made drones *over Iranian territory* in its north.

    Western leaders should instead realistically consider the terminal costs of a very nuclear World War 3.

    And meanwhile, I’ve seen no reports that Norway’s civil defenses … for our families and children … are any better than the horrible condition shown in NRK’s bombshell video report De Glemte Rommene:

    There will be *intense* radioactive fallout just coming over from England, let alone from the blowup of any ballistic missile submarines deployed in Norwegian fjords.

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