Norway unable to defend itself against attack

Armed Forces Espionage IntelligencePhoto: Norwegian Armed Forces.

The army must be doubled if Norway is to be able to protect itself against an attack said Rune Jakobsen, the head of the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters.

‘’If there is an attack, in the classical sense, then we do not have the robustness that is necessary’’Jakobsen told NRK news.

The general believes the Army should be twice as large, with two new brigades. At the same time, he believes the Navy needs at least two new submarines and that one must have better preparedness during the time until the new combat and surveillance aircraft become operational.

‘’The armed forces, the Army and the Navy should be strengthened. I almost want to say it so strongly that they must be strengthened in the long-term plan period we are now entering’’ said Jakobsen.

Several defence bosses have, in recent years, been critical of the deficiencies in the Armed Forces, most recently Chief of Defence, Odin Johannessen, who in March stated that Norway today has a minimum defense in place.

Jakobsen pointed to a more self-asserting Russia and the distance to meeting NATO’s demands for defence efforts, but emphasized that the mood at all levels of the Armed Forces is nevertheless to get the best out of the limitations Norway has.

‘’There are many who are concerned about Norwegian security and who believe that the size and robustness of the defence structure is not good enough. I totally agree with that’’ he said.

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  1. It’s sad countries like Norway is heading for war mentality. It’s you who guide us to peace! A Sri Lankan!

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