Norway’s health institute wants people to vote on the name of the new infection app

Folkehelseinstituttets nye app «Smittestopp»Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) has decided to hold a vote on what the new infection app should be called. Until 11.59 PM on Thursday, people can vote for three alternatives.

The three alternatives are Stoppettopp, Smittespor, and Smittevarsel, FHI wrote in a press release.

“We received over 100 suggestions for names for the new app when we posted the inquiry on Twitter a week and a half ago, everything from Smittestopp 2.0, Smittespor, to CovidBlaster 5000 and Bentomatic. 

“We have nominated the proposals we believe are best but want help to make the final decision,” assistant director Gun Peggy Knudsen at the FHI noted.

People who want to vote can go to the National Institute of Public Health’s voting page.

Final name to be announced on Monday

The winning name will be announced on Monday, October 19.

At the end of September, the old app was scrapped by the government. 

The app was also stopped by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, which believed that the usefulness was not well enough documented and banned the app’s processing of privacy information.

The government wants to create a new app based on Apple and Google’s framework. 

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has given a thumbs up to efforts related to the new app.

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